Factory Capacity

R&D and Innovation

Welding Laboratory

Fuchuan Yifan has welding laboratory, welding training center, welding test center, welding showroom, welding technology room, welding information control center,etc., responsible for all kinds of new welding technology,welding equipment, welding materials research and development, selection, testing and skills training of highly skilled welders. It can provide welding technical support for wind power tower and base structure, ship segment, pressure vessel, Marine equipment and other high-end equipment manufacturing.

Welding information control center

The welding laboratory equips with the welding information control center and welding information system (WIS), welding machine in all the workshops are in control, and can realize the all-day monitor and effective control of welding technological process, to insure the high quality welding.

We plan to joint WIS into the MES, to set up the smart factory, it will be the first and Benchmarking factory in the wind power industry.